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Special Event

Having a special event! Need Photos?

I can attend your special event and take photographs. The photographs can be provided to you on cd. Or uploaded to my site for your friends to see. Price for this service is negotiable.

Want to give a sponsor a special memento of an event that they have sponsered. I can create a cd and book with photos of your choice. Price negotiable.

Your Photos to CD

Lot of photos not sure what to do with them?

They can be combined on a CD which will play on your computer - these CD's can easily be sent around the world to family and friends.

A digital slide show, complete with your choice of background music is, a fantastic momento of a birth, christening, engagement, wedding etc.

You supply your choice of photos, either normal or digital, and choose your music - and I can do the rest.

Depending on the amount of work involved, these autoplay, CD's usually start from around $50.